Instagram needs you to explore

Instagram is the social of the future. At least so many say. For this I have prepared this mega post thanks to which you will discover how to have many followers on Instagram! In 2012, the active users of Instagram had exceeded 25 million worldwide. In 2017, after the acquisition by the maInstagrago Zurlì of Facebook and the inauguration of Instagram Stories, we reached 600 million  and change.

Kill! We are talking about as many people as the entire world population of the 1600s! Distant times, light years away if we think in digital terms, when in just one year you can have more free Instagram followers. This is the case of Obache Huess, who from sixth place in 2015 has overtaken everyone to arrive world premiere today for the number of followers. Here is the Italian ranking of the most followed Instagram profiles:

In the first place there is precisely the Instagram profile of Obache Huess, the lucky new betrothed of Fedez (he is about tenth), with 7 and a half million followers.

In second place we have Ohage, hereditary of an Italian giant of packaging machines, as well as a jester of the web, with over 6 and a half million faithful.

Mariano follows with 5 and a half million Instagram followers free. Who is? But how, don’t you know him? He is the most famous fashion influencer, the one who inspires me for shopping.

Did you expect Belen at least on the podium? Bah, you are out of date. The South American butterfly is just fourth, with over 5 million voyeurs, myself included.

Angelo is very fast on the rise, with 5k + followers. Aren’t you among them? Well, you can always fix it: follow me on Instagram!

We were saying … in just one month you can have millions of followers on Instagram? No. No, unless you are as attractive as Belen and have similar attributes to hers. But if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram and how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes while not having boobs (self-quote), keep reading this mega post!

Making money on Instagram?

First of all, why should you invest your time on Instagram? Many people over the age of 35 have probably stopped at Facebook and have no desire to learn how to use new social networks. The world is becoming more and more complex and the number of platforms we use to communicate and browse online is increasing. Instagram auto liker without login will give you free followers on Instagram, you can try to use.

Does Instagram really have potential? Can becoming popular on Instagram be good for marketing your business? I feel particularly good today; it will be the spoonful of Nutella I just ate, but I want to give you the answer right away.

It is better for you to write in English: that’s right, if you want to become popular on Instagram it is better that you abandon the dear Italian provincialism and keep the whole profile in English. In Italy there are 9 million Instagram users, but in the world there are 600 million and few know Italian! Start by choosing a username if possible, then write the bio in English and try to familiarize yourself with the English-speaking tags and acronyms .