In Yucatan 50 thousand people have defeated Covid-19

(Photo: Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 13, 2021).- On Thursday 12th, Yucatán exceeded the limit of 50 thousand people who have managed to defeat Covid-19, however, out of every 10 infected, one has died, reported the Yucatán Health Secretariat (SSY).

Yesterday the highest number of infections this month was registered in the state, practically one case was confirmed every five minutes.

17 months after the presence of the pandemic in the State, there are already 57 thousand 556 confirmed cases accumulated, of which 50 thousand 209 have recovered, 87.2 percent.

Similarly, there are 2,110 active cases, and of all of them, 1,868 are stable, isolated, and monitored by SSY medical personnel, who present mild symptoms, and 242 are in public hospitals.

Unfortunately, there are 5,237 deaths, of which 3,237 are men, 61.8 percent, and 2,000 women, 38.2 percent.

As for those infected, August is in 12th place in the monthly table, with 2,497 confirmed cases, with a daily average of 208 infected.

The lowest figure for the eighth month of the year happened on Saturday 7, with 185 infected, and the highest was today, with 282 infected.

In terms of mortality incidence, August is at step 16. According to statistics, so far this month, there have been 171 deaths, with a daily average of 14.5 deaths, with a minimum of 10, registered last Monday, August 9.

Likewise, last Friday, August 6th, the highest number of the month was registered with 17 deaths.