In the middle of storm ‘Grace’, vacationer catches a crocodile on the beach between Uaymitún and Telchac

The reptile was swimming with work in the sea in the heat of tropical storm ‘Grace’. Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 20, 2021) .- Tropical storm ‘Grace’ not only wreaks havoc on human infrastructure but fauna is also affected and it was the case of a crocodile that reached the waters of Uaymitún in Yucatan.

On Thursday, August 19th, the reptile was swimming under great stress in the sea in the middle of tropical storm ‘Grace’, so a vacationer helped the crocodile to get out of the water, but not before neutralizing it.

The animal was located at the height of the Turquoise entrance. Photo: (Sipse)

Amid the wind and strong waves due to the tropical storm, the crocodile was sighted just a few meters from the shore. When the man took it out of the water, the reptile was about one and a half meters long.

Animal rescue

The animal was located in front of the Turquesa entrance, at kilometer 14 of the aforementioned beaches, where people saw the crocodile.

The vacationers called 911, and agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived to catch the animal but they did not succeed at first until a vacationer got into the water and bravely caught the animal, grabbing its muzzle so that it would not attack him.

It was thus that the crocodile could be captured to be taken to a safe place.

Source: Sipse