In revenge for complaining, detained tourists at Cancun Airport are held hostages

In revenge for complaining, they incommunicado tourists 'prisoners' in a rehabilitation center in Cancun. (Photo: Paola Chiomate)

Relatives reveal that the staff of the center “Awakenings” beat the tourists from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and confiscated their cellphones.

Cancun, Quinatan Roo, (August 27, 2021).- Tourists from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, detained at the Cancun International Airport by immigration personnel and now held in the ‘Despertares’ rehabilitation center for addicts, where they were beaten after their case was made public.

In a call to his relatives at approximately 5:00 p.m., in the presence of Novedades de Quintana Roo, one of the detainees said that after the press conference that offered his defense on Wednesday 25th, they were beaten up by the center’s staff.

Marat, a relative of the detainees, had managed to establish communication with the detainees through a telephone, but on Thursday morning the equipment was confiscated so that they have lost track of what is happening inside.

He commented that there is concern about their situation since they do not know anything about them.

Staff extort money from tourists from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan imprisoned in Cancun

The relatives denounced that since they are confined in the center to treat people with drug addictions; they have received unworthy treatment, as they are extorted to receive food or to allow them to go out for air.

They also do not have basic supplies such as toilet paper, tampons, or pads.

When their relatives went to the place to request information, two people from the place declined to give any kind of statement about what happened.

Outside there was a van from the municipal DIF system, where they would presumably transfer tourists back to the airport.

However, the mission was aborted when realizing that there were people outside the facilities.

The family does not know the reason why they were taken to this detention center, where they are also forced to do housework.

In photographs, children are seen in poor health and apparent dehydration.

The Quintana Roo Human Rights Commission reported that the case is not within its jurisdiction, but that they will coordinate with the regional office of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) to review the case.

So far the Migration Office has not issued information in this regard.

Source: Sipse