Human trafficker caught transporting illegal immigrants in vehicle painted to look like Border Patrol SUV


Federal law enforcement on the southern border thwarted a recent human smuggling attempt in Arizona that involved a “cloned” Border Patrol government vehicle.

A smuggler dressed in a fake U.S. Border Patrol uniform and 10 illegal immigrants were discovered by federal police in a vehicle that was made to look like a Border Patrol SUV, according to Tucson Border Patrol Chief John Modlin.

“Outstanding job by Tucson Station and apprehending a cloned Border Patrol vehicle involved in a smuggling operation,” Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz wrote in a post to Twitter Wednesday. “The migrant smuggling attempt included a driver wearing a fake USBP uniform.”

The incident shows how far cartels, who charge migrants thousands of dollars to get them across the border and into the United States, are willing to go to move people without getting caught.

Copy-cat vehicles such as this one are rare. In 2016, a fake Border Patrol vehicle was pulled over in Laredo, Texas. The Chevy Tahoe had been converted to look like a government vehicle and had 12 people inside.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have not released additional information about the incident.