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Houses in Campeche, Tabasco, and Yucatan, the ones with the worst humidity problems in the country

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Mérida, Yucatan, (August 24, 2021) .- Campeche, Tabasco and Yucatán are the states with the highest percentage of structural problems of humidity or water leaks inside homes, revealed the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi ) in conjunction with the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) and the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF).

In the presentation of the results of the 2020 National Housing Survey (ENVI), the characteristics of the houses / rooms in the country were revealed, as well as the peculiarities and defects.

Among the data provided by this survey, it is found that of the 35.3 million inhabited private homes, 92.4 percent have partition walls, brick, block, quarry or cement and 78.4 percent have a concrete slab roof or joists with vault.

Likewise, 97.7 percent have a floor with cement or firm, wood or other covering; 89.2 percent have a room to cook, and 97.6 percent have a bathroom.

Just over half of the inhabited private homes in Mexico have up to 160 square meters of land, while about half of the homes, 41.3 percent, have between 56 and 100 square meters of construction.

The biggest structural problem that occurs in homes is humidity or water leaks with 44.2 percent, followed by cracks with 40.8 percent. The least frequent problem is structural damage to the pipe or drainage with 7.9 percent.

The three states with the highest percentage of structural problems of humidity or water leaks are Tabasco, Yucatán and Campeche, with 85, 77.2 and 64.1 percent, respectively.

Inegi revealed that 5.8 million homes are rented, of which 54 percent have a current rental contract.

The main reason for renting a home is for not having access to credit or not having economic resources with 51.4 percent. The 3 states with the highest percentage in this area are Guerrero, Chiapas and Sinaloa with 68, 67 and 62 percent, respectively.

The federal entity with the highest percentage of homes built is Oaxaca, with 86.8 percent and the one with the lowest percentage is Nuevo León with 31.6 percent.

In general, 65.4 percent of their own inhabited private homes use their own resources for their acquisition and 18 percent use Infonavit credit.

However, during the survey, 3.8 million own homes acquired new or used were reported with some current housing loan. Of which 78 percent reported credit from Infonavit, 13.6 percent is credit from a private financial institution and 8.6 percent is credit from Fovissste.

During 2020, a total expenditure of 94,676.000 pesos was reported for the modification of homes, with an average expenditure per home of 18,273.9 pesos, which represented a reduction of 49 percent in the total compared to 2019.

The need to adapt spaces in the home for people with disabilities was investigated in all inhabited private homes in the country, finding that in 12.9 percent it is required to put handrails, in 12.8 percent to put ramps; in 12.3 percent to adapt bathrooms and in 9.9 percent to expand the doors.

Of the total number of households in the country, in 21.1 percent, that is, 7.6 million households, it was reported that one of its members has a need or is planning to rent, buy or build a home. In total, 8.2 million homes are required.

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