Florida woman removed from aircraft for exposing herself

Photo: Yahoo News)
  • A Florida woman exposed herself on a flight and was removed by officers, police said.
  • One officer told her she was going to be taken off, and she allegedly responded by kicking them.
  • More officers arrived to remove her, and she was charged with offenses including indecent exposure.

A woman had to be removed from a plane by officers in Florida after she exposed herself on the plane, police said.

Mistie Justice Watkins, 41, was charged with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, simple assault on law enforcement, and unlawful occupancy after a flight on Friday, the Rapid City Journal reported.

Police said they were informed that a passenger on a plane was exposing herself, and that she kicked an officer who said they were going to remove her from the plane at the Rapid City Regional Airport, The Associated Press reported.

More officers then arrived to take her off the plane and out of the airport, the police said, according to the AP.

The first officer who arrived also said he could smell alcohol from her, the AP reported.

It is not clear what airline was operating the flight.

Source: Business Insider