Experts make these recommendations for the use of face masks in children

Mothers and fathers should be an example for children regarding the use of face masks, which is essential to avoid contagion. Photo: (Sipse)

It is a fundamental protection in this return to face-to-face classes

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 31, 2021).- This Monday, August 30, thousands of children from the country returned to their classrooms, and although in Yucatán this return is scheduled for next Monday, September 6th on a voluntary basis, It is very important that mothers and fathers already make Covid prevention part of their routine with the use of a mask, hand washing, and healthy distance.

Specialists such as Dr. Nancy Ojeda Luna, pediatric pulmonologist, and pediatrician Carlos Quiñones Vega, pointed out that one of the most important things to take into account, in addition to filters at home and at school to monitor that the child does not present symptoms of Covid is the use of a mask.

Fundamental face shield

The specialists indicated that in this return to face-to-face classes, mothers and fathers should be an example for children regarding the use of this protection, which is essential to avoid contagion.

They explained that parents are the ones who must teach minors to wear this protection and they themselves wear it correctly so that the little ones imitate them.

What mask is recommended for children?

They detailed that there are different materials with which face masks are made, but the most recommended for children is the three-layer mask, which is disposable since it protects better against particles in the air.

Disposable three-layer mask. Photo: (Internet context)

Another good option for protection is the Kn95 mask which is also disposable.

Kn95 mask. Photo: (Internet context)

While the neoprene mask does not offer any guarantee of safety to avoid contagion, in addition to being warm for the child in cold weather.

Neoprene mask. Photo: (Internet context)

Two masks of preference

They also recommended that children wear two masks to school because they can fall off or get dirty. In addition to that, you should look for those that suit them better and feel more comfortable.

They also recommended teaching kids to properly remove the mask, which is by putting gel on their hands before removing it and taking it from the loops that are held by the ears, and not from the front. 

Likewise, they pointed out that it is advisable to change the mask every 3 hours or a maximum of four.

Similarly, if the mask gets wet with sweat or the child drools, it must be discarded and changed carefully.

Finally, they pointed out that minors should wear the mask at all times when going out, even if they are outdoors, because returning to class does not mean that they can go out without protection.

Source: Sipse