Expat Community in Merida stands in solidarity with the family of murdered police officer

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 02, 2021) .- With an Irish tradition to honor the deceased, the ex-pat community based in Mérida is showing solidarity with the young policeman Raúl Adrián Couoh Aké, who was killed by hitmen on the Mérida highway- Motul, on July 23.

“At Hennessys Irish Pub we want to show our support for the wonderful police force that we have in Mérida and we have partnered with The Yucatan Times online newspaper to offer a way to show your support for this brave policeman and his family,” reported Sean Hennessy owner and manager of Hennessy’s Irish Pub in Merida.

As we have reported, the young SSP Yucatán officer detained the hitmen (two men and a woman) who a little earlier had murdered Teresa Vega Cuéllar in a house in the Gran San Pedro Cholul subdivision.

Her murder caused a great commotion in Merida society, and the international community based in Merida is no stranger to that sentiment.

“It is often a tradition in Ireland to buy a drink for the deceased and that is what we are doing; from Thursday the 29th to Thursday the 5th of August you can buy a drink at Hennessys Irish Pub for Raúl ”, explains Mr. Hennessy.

There are three options, one for 100, another for 200, and another for 300 pesos. The 100 percent will go to the fund to support Raúl Couoh’s family.

Supporters will be given a voucher with which they can participate in a raffle to be held on Thursday, August 5.

That day there will be a musical event with an entrance price of 200 pesos that will also be donated to the police officer’s family.

“I honestly believe that it is important for us as guests in Merida that we show support for the police force that keeps us as one of the safest cities in the world. We are all in this together ”, concludes the invitation to support the cause of Raúl Adrián Couoh Aké.