Divers clean cenote and extract piles of garbage in Kaua, Yucatan

There are more and more places in Yucatan where there is awareness of water pollution. Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 17, 2021).- There are more and more places in Yucatan where awareness is being raised about water pollution in beautiful spots such as cenotes, and this time it was the turn of the municipality of Kaua, where divers took more than 250 kilos of garbage out of a cenote.

The rescue group of the Yucatan Sustainable Development Secretariat went to the Chu’y Ha cenote on Sunday, August 15th to clean it up. This cenote is located in Kaua, 135 kilometers from Mérida, just a couple of miles away from the Chichen Itza archaeological site.

Photo: (Sipse)

The works are part of the Comprehensive Recovery of Cenotes and Caves of the State of Yucatan strategy, with which they seek to promote sanitation, cleaning, education, and environmental culture activities among the rural communities across the state.

Photo: (Sipse)

These actions are carried out through alliances with sectors of society, such as the Empaques Nova company, with which they worked together to carry out activities in the Kaua cenote. 

Source: Sipse