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‘Champurrado’, the delicious mexican atole that combines corn, chocolate and cinnamon

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Is champurrado an atole? Does it have milk or is it water? Check out the answers to these questions and other information about this ancestral drink of Mexico.

MEXICO, (August 16, 2021).- Mexico City mornings begin with a bustle that takes a breath in the street stalls, those early risers who have food ready for a quick breakfast, a comfortable and filling one that can only be accompanied by a good champurrado on cold mornings.

In the CDMX you can get almost in every corner is a standardized recipe that only finds a difference in the hand that prepared it, thicker, less sweet, the comforting effect has an ancient history.

What is the delicious champurrado?

No, it is not chocolate atole, not properly speaking. Champurrado is a type of atole composed of pinole or corn dough dissolved in water to which metate chocolate and brown sugar are added. The purists say that you should not have milk because then yes, it is chocolate atole.

There is more than one variant in the recipe, but they are minimal and correspond to the resources that each state of our country has. As already mentioned, the basics are water, corn dough, chocolate, and brown sugar, but it can also have pinole, cinnamon, orange peel, sugar, and cornstarch.

Origin of the champurrado

Champurrado is an Aztec drink that at the time had great value because it was prepared with cocoa, which is why it was also prepared for some religious rituals, over time it was used by the entire population due to its simplicity and easy preparation.

Due to its sweet taste and the satiety effect it leaves, the champurrado spread to the north where today it enjoys a good reputation because in Chihuahua, a cattle state, milk began to be added, and although many debates this fact, the truth is that it tastes delicious.

Our cocoa and corn drink reached Central America, it is not known if because the Maya took the Aztec recipe or if they had their own, what is known for sure is that, like everyone else, Hernán Cortés also liked it, as well he wrote it in the Letters of Relationship.

The champurrado has not only functioned as a ritual drink, in addition to satiating hunger and stopping diarrhea, among other properties that Francisco Hernández, a physician to the court of Felipe II, described in his Natural History of New Spain.

Prepare your homemade champurrado!

You will need 2 liters of water, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 cup of chopped brown sugar, sugar to taste, 1 cup of corn dough and 3 bars of chocolate. In a pot, boil 1 liter of water with the cinnamon and brown sugar.

While you wait for the brown sugar to fall apart , dissolve the dough in the gold liter of water (strain it to remove impurities), add the dough to the pot of boiling water and add the chocolate bars. If you like it thick add a little cornstarch.

Once the tablets are dissolved, beat the chocolate whisk , boil 5 minutes and that’s it! Serve in clay cups to feel all the power of the Mexican tradition and to please your palate . Now you have to show off the next cold day.


Where? Street stalls, diners and in some restaurants only during autumn and winter.

When? In Mexico City all year

How much? Between $ 12 and $ 20 pesos

Source: Mx City

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