Cases of the COVID-19 Lambda variant are detected in Mexico City

(Photo: Yucatán ahora)

The Ministry of Health of Mexico City announced that the Lambda variant has already been detected in the capital, but that the Delta continues to predominate

Mexico City, (August 28, 2021).- Oliva López Arellano, Secretary of Health, announced that the Lambda variant was already detected in the capital, but recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not consider it of concern.

Instead, she added, the Delta continues as the predominant variant in Mexico City.

We continue with the predominance of Delta, over 95 percent of the sequenced tests, ” she explained at a press conference .

The Lambda variant was documented in December 2020 in Peru.

It is considered a variant of interest by the WHO since it presents changes in the genome that affect the transmissibility, severity and action of the immune system against COVID-19.

Countries that detect a variant of interest should notify WHO and submit complete genome sequences and related metadata to a public database.

In recent days it was announced that the first case of the Lambda variant in Mexico was detected in Colima .

Source: Lopez Doriga