Career Options for a Business Major

Whether you have just graduated with a business degree or you’re searching for the right business-related course to do in college, you’re sure to have plenty of options once you enter the workplace. But given that the number of business graduates is constantly on the rise, you’re sure to have lots of competition. That said, there are so many career options out there for business majors so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a profession that will challenge you and give you that sense of job satisfaction that is so hard to find these days. Interested to hear more? The following are some of the most popular career options for business majors.

Accountants must have a deep understanding of the behind-the-scenes financial accounts of a business and what improvements can be made to make that business run more efficiently to increase profits. You may have to stay on a little longer in college to become a certified accountant to gain better employment opportunities. There are student loans available from private lenders if you need extra financial aid and, despite you graduating with higher repayments, you’ll be able to pay back the loans much quicker as you’ll be getting a higher rate of pay with this qualification.

Investment Manager
This career choice is perfect for graduates who are passionate about helping people meet their financial goals through investing. It’s a high-pressure career as people will be putting their trust and huge sums of money into your hands. Your job will involve developing strategies to manage a diverse portfolio of investments that could include investment funds, pension funds and a wide range of other saving products. Communication skills are vital as a major part of your role will involve meeting with fund managers and working with individual clients.

Sales might be a career choice that you didn’t expect to see on this list. If you have a passion for working with numbers and you possess excellent communication skills, a job in business sales might be the ideal option. Typically, you can choose from positions that allow you to work directly with customers and positions internally where your role will involve coming up with sales strategies that will have an impact on the company’s bottom line. As is the case with all sales positions, suitable candidates must thrive on working under pressure to hit highly ambitious targets.

Working In a Non-Profit
If you like the idea of working for the greater good rather than a large paycheck, working in non-profit management is a great option. Your responsibility will revolve around making the most of the financial resources available and maximizing strategies to put the organization in a much better position. A job like this is ideal for candidates who are looking to gain work experience in a specific role while doing their part to give back to an organization or cause that is important to them. If you’re just starting out in your career, working in a non-profit will show you in a positive light to future employers who are interested in your previous work history and who you are as a person.