Campeche restaurant owners go through a critical situation due to low sales

Street in the old town of Campeche. Photo: (La Vanguardia)

Campeche, (August 24, 2021).- Despite the difficult situation facing the restaurant sector, and the fact that they are complying with the regulations in the established hours and the sale of alcoholic beverages, Copriscam denies businessmen on the traditional 59th Street of Campeche to extend the hours for food consumption only.

This has been one of the worst obstacles for several merchants, who do not see a way out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, since with the end of the summer holiday season, little by little tourists have left the state, and those who are already there, do not go frequently to 59th Street in the Historic Center of the city.

The main problem is that many end up disappointed because before 11 at night, each place installed along the corridor has to close, which has annoyed more than one tourist, however, businessmen continue to implement strategies to be able to rebound their sales.

On the other hand, restaurant owners have stated that they will continue to protest until the authorities allow them to extend their working hours.