Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

CAMPECHE, (August 12, 2021) .- Tourists have gradually left the city of Campeche, to return to their homes as the 2021 summer holidays are about to end, this has damaged hotel occupancy because during this week it barely reached 38 percent occupancy.

Shops in the Historic Center of the city also reported low sales, businessmen blamed the harassment of the authorities who limited each business due to the pandemic.

The Summer Holiday season in Campeche was obviously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and also by the lack of promotion due to the same reason.

The state of Campeche has a wide array of tourist attractions to offer, as well as cultural centers, beaches, and extraordinary gastronomy, but the state needs to implement a better communication strategy to obtain better results.

Source: Yucatan a la mano