August 1st: Octopus catching season kicks off in Yucatán

For several days now, hundreds of fishermen have finished preparing their boats. (Photo: Gerardo Keb)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 02, 2021) .- The Yucatan coast announced this Sunday, August 1st, the official start of the octopus harvest season in the State; the local fishing sector presents very favorable conditions due to the high demand for the species and expected positive prices.

For several days now, hundreds of fishermen finished preparing their boats to go out early in the morning in search of the mollusk.

Travelers have been doing the same for several days and will only wait for the moment to start their outings on tours of 15 to 20 days at sea, hoping to have a good fishing season, and the octopus selling price is expected to bring great benefits for this sector.

Boats suitable for mollusk fishing

In this way, their boats will be adequate to carry out this activity, according to the type of fishing gear allowed: crawling, with the installation of jimbas, pulper lines, and sinkers, with bait of ocol and other crustaceans used to catch the mollusk.

On the other hand, a large part of the travel boats in Yucalpetén will finish the preparations this week, leaving everything ready for this year’s “octopus season”.

According to the authorities of the sector, the octopus fishery in the State occupies the first place in volume of capture and commercialization at the national and international level and generates a considerable economic spill for the coastal communities of Yucatan.

Source: Sipse