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Activist says that Yucatán has many debts with the LGBTTTI community

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (August 24, 2021).- In Yucatán, there are still many outstanding debts for women belonging to the LGBTTTI community, beyond equal marriage. Kelly Ramírez Alpuche, president of Substantive Equality Yucatán, lists other rights such as sexual and reproductive health services, registry of daughters or sons of lesbian mothers, among others.

The activist will speak, at a conference of the ELLA Mexico Festival, about the activism of the LGBTI community, but from a regional point of view, “decentralizing these activisms of lesbian women from the part of Yucatan is important because sometimes all those issues that have to do with human rights and the work we are doing in southeast Mexico are overlooked”.

Cultural and economic differences, she points out, make a difference in the work they do and the needs they have; her lecture will take place on October 16.

At that time, it will open the possibility to talk about the struggle for basic human rights such as equal marriage, transsexual identities, and the sexual and reproductive rights of lesbian women.

It stands out, in other places, there are care protocols and, in general, rights, “which seem very distant because they are in the periphery and in a conservative state, there is a difference that should not exist.”

Although she affirms, “this festival has a national and international impact”, so it wants to take the space to make the situation they live visible to everyone.

In addition to equal marriage, it points out as pending issues the access to justice in situations of violence, the recognition that lesbian relationships can also be victims of sexist violence, and, at the same time, access to health in sexual matters such as protocols to take care of sexually transmitted infections.

“There are families of lesbian women who face other types of situations, for example, access denied to some types of work?”. She also adds the problem of registering their daughters and sons with their two surnames, a situation that she finds relevant to have access to social security.

“It is important to make our most local needs visible through these events,” thereby celebrating the opening of this international space to talk about the requirements of the Yucatecan community.

The ELLA Mexico Festival will take place from October 15 to 20 in Mérida with the aim of making the actions of women visible throughout the world, with the slogan “diverse women causing social, environmental and economic impact”, an event in which the psychologist will have a space.

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