Actions continue to safeguard a group of pigs rescued in Progreso, Yucatán

Photo: (La jornada maya)

Progreso, Yucatán, (August 18, 2021).- The orphaned piglets from the port of Progreso, after being rescued in recent weeks, now have a new home set up in Yucalpetén for their care.

Today Julián Zacarías Curi, mayor of Progreso, through his social networks announced that, in a space that has already been recovered and rehabilitated in Yucalpetén, the small pigs will start a new life.

(Photo: Progreso City Council)

In order to enable the place, they began by removing seven dump trucks with garbage such as tires and other waste; Now that they have restored the area, in addition to occupying the space for the care and maintenance of these little pigs that lost their mother. The Progreso municipality will create a didactic farm there.

With a sign that shows the place as Pig Beach, the work consisted of several phases, starting with the rescue of the animals, which happened a couple of weeks before, and now they have continued with the rehabilitation of the place, to use that area of ​​the beach.

(Photo: Progreso City Council)

But they did not finish with that, they are currently working on staff training so that care is adequate; while the piglets adjust to their new home.

Once that part of the process is finished, they will continue with the creation of a space for environmental education and sustainable animal protection, although it has not yet been announced when the place will be able to be visited by citizens.

All this is with the aim of reinforcing love and respect for nature, and animals, in a sustainable model that also contributes to raising awareness of the environmental issue and instructing the youth in a didactic environment.

Source: La jornada maya