A “Cocina Economica” employee gets electrocuted in Downtown Mérida

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 24, 2021).- An employee of a small restaurant in the center of Mérida was electrocuted, on Monday, August 23rd, with an electric cord, that fortunately, was disconnected in time by a co-worker.

The woman fainted from the electric shock, and her co-workers called 911, and paramedics arrived on-site. They assessed her and fortunately, found her stable.

However, at the request of her relatives (owners of the kitchen) and her colleagues at work, she was taken to the T-1 IMSS clinic.

The events occurred at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon in the “Cocina Economica Blanca”, located on Calle 67 between 46 and 48 in downtown Merida.

According to the testimony, a young employee was washing the floor when she heard screams coming from the back of the premises.

Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

When he went to check, he noticed that his 34-year-old co-worker, F.P.T., was being electrocuted with an electric extension cord, which he immediately disconnected.

The electrocuted woman fainted and was assisted by SSP paramedics who found her stable and her eyesight showed no injuries.

However, she was taken to the aforementioned hospital for a more thorough evaluation.