5 Best Destinations to Visit While in the USA

The United States is filled with many tourist attractions well worth seeing. If you are new to the US, below is a list of five destinations that we believe you should not miss out on to feel a bit of the country and see how the American lifestyle is a mesh of cultures and experiences from all over the world.

1. Las Vegas
Las Vegas has held its sway over the United States and the world. Often the set of movies and the ambitions of gamblers, Sin City, as Las Vegas is sometimes referred to, has plenty of entertainment to offer to thrill-seekers.

Naturally, the casinos and entertainment venues, from concerts to outdoor festivals, take a central piece here. Las Vegas is a bit surrealist because it’s bang in the middle of the desert, making for an interesting mirage of entertainment in the very heart of the Silver State.

2. Detroit
Detroit is one of Michigan’s gems, and even though the city is heavily industrialized, it’s still a fantastic place to visit. The city is filled with all sorts of entertainment products, from the Henry Ford Museum to the Detroit Institute of Arts, to Belle Isle.

If you ever feel like you are a little bored, though, you can quickly hop on the WynnBet Casino website as reviewed by Riku of Bonusfinder and have a few fun playing games. Detroit will have plenty to offer, though, from the cuisine to the beautiful architecture, so don’t hesitate to get around.

3. New York
New York is a true capital for your taste buds. They say that no other place on Earth rivals New York when it comes to cuisine, and we are inclined to believe and attest to that. You see, there is a very simple reason why this is.

As one of the first hubs across the Atlantic where settlers arrived, it’s only natural that so many cuisines got all mixed together to create the world’s capital of foods. New York may not be a “melting pot” like London is, but the city has fantastic food to enjoy! Do include it on your traveling itinerary when in the US.

4. San Francisco
San Francisco is a neat cultural and commercial capital of Northern California – there is no doubt about that. The city is host to many sights, too, including Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island.

The city itself has transformed itself into a technological and cultural hub, attracting some of the most capable people worldwide and welcoming visitors to delectable local cuisine, a busy nightlife, and many culinary choices to explore and enjoy on your own time.

San Francisco is a refined choice, and if you are in the United States and want to taste true America, we really think you should head over to San Francisco.

5. Los Angeles
Home of Hollywood and the movie industry, Los Angeles has plenty to offer. The megapolis sprawls for miles on end and is a unique experience that you should definitely put on your traveling itinerary. For those of you who aren’t too sure of what to do in LA, there are many wholesome ways to spend your afternoon, from visiting the beach to visiting the Los Angeles County Museum Art or The Getty.

LA is a magnet for tourists for people both from across the country and abroad, making for one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy. The Griffith Observatory is another great pick for the space buffs among you, and you can always swing by Hollywood and check out what’s going over there.



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