Yucatan businessmen and government seek agreement to remove mobility restriction

(Photo: Juan Antonio Osorio/yucatanalamano.com)

Tourism sector urges to revise the mobility schedule in the state.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (July 07, 2021).- Jorge Eduardo Carrillo Sáenz, president of the tourism business council, assured that mobility restrictions could make Yucatan lose overnight tourists.

The business leader asserted that this year a 35 percent occupancy is expected, and although it is a higher number than last year, the reality is that it could be even higher if the mobility restriction persists.

“The expectations for this summer are 35 percent occupancy, we will have more movement than last year, but we consider 35 percent occupancy, especially we have to bet on peninsular tourism”.

He added that they are in talks with the government in order to reach an agreement since by following the restriction on mobility, hundreds of thousands of pesos can be lost.

“We have to find a way to start talks with the government to expand mobility, especially for people who come from other states and know that they cannot go out at night, which can cause that they rather stay in Campeche or Quintana Roo and just spend the day in Yucatan.”

He concluded that what has been seen in recent days is an increase in the arrival of national and peninsular tourism, but there is almost no international tourism since it is more difficult to travel between nations.

“International tourism is hardly arriving, what is really arriving is national, regional, and local tourism,” Jorge Eduardo Carrillo Sáenz, president of the tourism business council concluded.