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What is the “land use” and how to take advantage of it

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MÈXICO, (July 07, 2021).- If you want to open a business, know the value of your property or build the home of your dreams, it will be useful to know what land use is and how to take advantage of it. 

What is it?

The Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney’s Office (PAOT) indicates that land use determines the activities allowed inside a property.

When it comes to opening a business, this information is important because it indicates whether or not environmental permits can be applied. This helps the business run smoothly.

The Real Estate analyst at Propiedades.com, Leonardo González, adds that this data also reports:

● The permitted levels of construction
● The total height of the property
● The percentage of free area
● The square meters and maximum construction surface
● The surface density (high, medium, low, very low, and restricted)
● The number of permitted dwellings

The expert adds that it is information that you can consult for free through the Open Data Portal of the CDMX Government.

What data does it contain?

By accessing the information sheets, you can find out:

● Land use by municipality
● Cadastral account
● Property address
● Use code and density
● Surface density
● Levels, height, and free area
● Coordinates

Another option you have to check the land use is the page of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. For a correct search, it is important that you have the following information at hand:

● Cadastral account
● Address
● Coordinates
● Approach
● Between streets
Should any document be processed?

On the other hand, a single land use zoning certificate does have a cost. The value of the procedure is 1,657 pesos and its validity is one year, mentions the CDMX Procedures page.

It is important to know that this document does not create ownership or possession rights.

“It only certifies the exploitation of land use, without prejudice to compliance with any other requirement indicated by the other applicable regulatory provisions,” says the site.

How many land uses are there?

PAOT explains that land uses can be as diverse as human activities are, and vary from one demarcation to another. However, the Urban Development Law classifies them as:

● Urban land
● Conservation land
● In rural towns It

adds that the combinations that arise must be classified in the corresponding programs.
Legal framework

PAOT explains that the Urban Development and Partial Urban Development Programs are those that establish the permitted land uses in each territorial demarcation.

He adds that these programs are interested in ordering the type of activities that can be carried out in each area.

However, many properties have rights acquired by continuous land use over several years. Therefore, the concurrence in the same area is not necessarily the result of a planning process.

How to take advantage of land use?

The expert from Propiedades.com says that if a property is in mixed land use, its value can increase because it becomes versatile.

“For this reason, there is a greater demand for properties that have this territorial classification,” he says.

Although you already have an idea of ​​what land use is, it is important that you approach a specialist to advise you and resolve your doubts. Remember that, if you are going to build, this document depends on whether or not you are granted the corresponding licenses.

Another information that will be useful to you is the cadastre. Therefore, we invite you to read the following content: https://propiedades.com/blog/informacion-inmobiliaria/que-es-un-catastro

Source: La Revista

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