Tiktoker Luis Felipe Cobá participates in international documentary diffusing the Maya Language

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

YUCATAN, (July 29, 2021).- Luis Felipe, guardian of water in San José Oriente community, will be part of an international documentary on caring for water and the environment.

“Los Niños del Agua” will be the name of the documentary in which Luis Felipe participated with the girl from Maxcanú, who was the star of the documentary series produced by Raki Films.

In addition to Mexico, the documentary will talk about other countries in the world such as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Morocco and Italy.

Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

Despite the criticism that the talented young Maya speaker has received, he continues on.

This young man has also participated in the Xtabay feature film “La Mujer del Mal”, a film by producer Leonardo León, who invited Luis Felipe to participate in one of the film’s scenes.

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

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