Tickets for the Guns N ‘Roses concert in Mérida, will cost up to 11 thousand pesos

The concert is expected to take place on October 9 on the esplanade of the Xmatkuil Fair. Photo: (Sipse)

Merida, Yucatán, (July 08, 2021).- The prices for tickets to attend the concert Guns N ‘Roses in Mérida, scheduled for October 9, range from 2,140 (110 USD) to 11,905 pesos (600 USD), including taxes, according to the publication made on the “Tocadas Rock en Mérida” Facebook page.

From an early hour, an image began to circulate through social networks with the supposed distribution of the areas in the venue where the concert is going to take place, which is the esplanade of the Xmatkuil Fair Grounds, and the corresponding prices.

However, there was no real reference to where such information could have come from.

The aforementioned Facebook page published a screenshot showing an image of the preventive “Nightrain”, where the prices, including charges, are as follows:

$ 2,140-General B
$ 2,975-Tier
$ 3,560-General A
$ 4,760-VIP Tier
$ 8,90 -Extreme
$ 11,905-Hospitality

Many comments have been generated in this regard, the main one being that prices are out of proportion, taking into account the difficult economic situation that prevails in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Yucatecans even ask if the “Hospitality” area is related to any prior payment in case of being hospitalized 14 days later if one is infected with coronavirus (either they are joking, or they do not know what the term “Hospitality” means).

Source: Sipse