The coveted 300 hectares of Chapingo University trapped in the middle of Northern Mérida’s real estate growth

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Mérida, Yucatán, (July 27, 2021).- Given the versions of the alleged sale of land belonging to the University of Chapingo, located in the area near the La Isla shopping center and the Cabo Norte residential development, north of Mérida, the Grupo Vive Peninsular, subsidiaries, and shareholders rejected any type of interest, past and present, in acquiring said lands.

In a statement, the business group headed by JMPD, former president of Canacintra, mentions that any statement about any type of interest, relationship, or approach of the company’s shareholders or their collaborators with authorities or representatives of the aforementioned university in the past or present is false. “We condemn the attempt to misinform by relating Vive Peninsular with false statements,” concludes Ponce.

A few days ago, the federal representative of Morena, Ulises García Soto, asked the rector of the Autonomous University of Chapingo and the representative director of the Regional University Center, in the Yucatan Peninsula, to deliver a detailed report on the transaction that was reported on the alleged sale of 300 hectares to Grupo Vive Peninsular, at a very low cost.

The representative explained that he considers the sale of the land highly detrimental to the heritage and life of that public institution and its community.

The legislator pointed out that the alleged transaction between the Chapingo University and the business group is for 300 hectares in exchange for 300 million pesos, and that the market price of these lands is worth more than 9 billion pesos.

García Soto mentioned that at one point of agreement, Grupo Vive Peninsular is associated with acting legislators, officials of the Yucatan government, and former officials of previous governments.

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The lands of the University of Chapingo are located in an area that has achieved high capital gains, perhaps the highest in Mérida since the La Isla shopping center, the Cabo Norte residential development, and the Faro del Mayab hospital are located there.

Other projects are also under construction, such as the Aqua Avenue mixed real estate development.

It is not the first time that there have been rumors of a sale of the coveted hectares of the Chapingo University, which when settling in Mérida granted it lands that at the time had low commercial value due to its remoteness from the city, but now the conditions have changed.

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