The Camino Real route to Campeche: a road full of history and tradition

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This path is the same that Empress Carlota traveled in 1865.

Campeche, Camp., (July 22, 2021).- The road that goes from San Francisco de Campeche to the city of Mérida is known as the Camino Real. It is a region full of culture and traditions that you can cover in two hours but will remember forever.

Camino Real gets that name for being a road that received contributions from the Spanish crown for its construction in colonial times. It is a route that Empress Carlota Amalia herself traveled in 1865.

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Leaving from Campeche, the starting point can be Tenabo, which stands out for the simplicity of its temple of the Assumption and its colonial facades.

The following stop is in Hecelchakán to enjoy its delicious Cochinita Pibil and pay a visit to the Cristo de la Salud in the church of San Francisco.

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It is also worth a visit to its market and the archaeological museum of the Camino Real where handicrafts from the Island of Jaina and a wide collection of Maya stelae can be found.

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An obligatory stop is Becal, in the municipality of Calkiní, famous for its workshops where Panama-type Jipijapa hats are woven by hand inside underground caves hidden in the courtyards of the houses.

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Returning to Campeche is Calkiní, the Athens of the Camino Real, with its church of San Luis Obispo and its huge and beautiful altar. This is a perfect stop to enjoy the gastronomy of the region before continuing on the road.

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On the other hand and to finish the route, Dzitbalché is the ideal place to buy embroidered clothes. On the same road is Pomuch where you can taste its delicious bread.

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Campeche offers all travelers the assurance that staff and tourist sites observe strict sanitary security measures.

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