Tenants ask to reinstall sanitizing tunnels in municipal markets due to the increase in Covid infections

Photo: (Sipse)

Tenants affirm that they have observed that citizens have apparently lowered their guard and are no longer so afraid of contagion

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (July 01, 2021).- Given the increase in the cases of contagion of Covid-19, tenants of the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets ask the municipal authorities to install the sanitizing tunnels again, at the entrance and exit of the supply centers, the sanitizing tunnels before the entrance of the people as well as the bottles of antibacterial gel and personnel who distribute it.

The president of the “Benito Juárez García Association of Street Vendors, Tenants and Semifixes”, Jorge Carlos Ojeda Estrada, assured that infections among vendors have also been increasing and the situation worries everyone.

Although he did not specify the number of tenants who have acquired the virus in recent months, he said there are more than before.

The fear, he assured, is that it has been observed that citizens have apparently lowered their guard and are no longer so afraid of contagion, which is why they hope that the authorities will consider strengthening the relevant health measures.

He indicated that the number of people who go to the markets is high, although sales have fallen to 30 percent.

“The infections continue, we are taking care of ourselves, but there are few sales and now we do not have any support from the state or municipal government, now we are doing badly, very badly, sales are very low and sometimes what is sold does not give and many they consume their own products, we are hoping that these days, tomorrow and the day after, which will be a fortnight, sales will increase a little and we can defend ourselves “, he explained.

He estimated that per day it is known that between four or five people who work in the markets or their families were infected with covid, which complicates the situation.

He assured that despite the risk represented by continuing to sell, the tenants will not stop doing it because it is the only way they have to obtain income for their families.

“What we are seeing is as if they were normal days, I think people think that now with the vaccine they will no longer get Covid and many are walking in the street as if nothing else, the truth is we hope that the authorities will put the tunnels because the truth is that you enter through any door and there are no tunnels or sanitizer or anything, ”he said.

He acknowledged that current conditions are worse than a few months ago and at the beginning of the pandemic since contagion reports have already exceeded 300 and there is not a day that a new case is not heard.

He added that 90 percent of the tenants work in the Lucas de Gálvez market, while in San Benito the percentage is lower.

Source: Sipse