“Se Busca” initiative, a US-Mexico joint effort aimed at capturing transnational criminals

Photo: Newser

(HOT AIR).- U.S. and Mexico officials met Monday to kick off the Se Busca initiative, a joint effort aimed at capturing transnational criminals. This is the second phase of the initiative. Residents of Mexico and the United States are being encouraged to give authorities any information they may have on the whereabouts of transnational criminal organization leaders.

This is good news for both countries, especially for those concerned about border security during the Biden border crisis. The crisis on the southern border has drug cartels and human traffickers thriving, making record financial profits. The confusion and chaos during the flood of illegal migrants allow nefarious bad guys to infiltrate at the border and cross the border. A Ten Most Wanted list has been made targeting ten individuals accused of serious crimes. The initiative is being launched in the El Paso and New Mexico border regions.

The crimes of these individuals include human smuggling and murder. The initiative is an effort by both the U.S. and Mexico to improve border security. Collaboration between countries is essential for success. The El Paso Sector Border Patrol Chief, Chihuahua’s Governor, Ciudad Juarez’s Mayor, and other dignitaries were together Monday in El Paso to make the announcement. Public confidence is crucial to gathering information.

The “Se Busca Información” initiative is designed to encourage the public on both sides of the border, to confidentially report suspicious activity and information regarding the targets to law enforcement via a 1-800-635-2509 or via WhatsApp messenger.

This initiative identifies wanted individuals that are placed on posters, flyers, and billboards. This signage is situated on the U.S. and Mexico side of the border for public viewing. In Mexico, they are mainly displayed on bulletins and billboards along city streets and on posters in convenience stores. In the United States, posters will be displayed at U.S. Border Patrol stations, immigration checkpoints, and international ports of entry in the El Paso and New Mexico border regions.

The Se Busca initiative combines elements proven to in the American crime prevention campaigns – Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, and the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted – but with an international twist. Even if the call comes in from Mexico, U.S. law enforcement personnel will take down the information, analyze it, and share it with relevant Mexican partners. Two other phone numbers were given out. The numbers to call are 800-635-2509 and 915-314-8194.

The first phase of this initiative was activated in 2019. It led to the capture of leaders in three gangs. The gangs were all drug gangs – the Mexicles, Barrio Azteca, and La Linea. It also strengthened cooperation and trust between top law enforcement officials on both sides of the southern border. El Paso Sector Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez said, “This (program) is a true investment for both sides. The relationship is very strong because of our interest in safer communities not only in the United States but also in Mexico.” Nine out of ten wanted by Mexican officials are involved in drug trafficking and participating in murder-for-hire activities. One criminal is wanted by U.S. Border Patrol for “running one of the largest and most ruthless migrant smuggling operations on the border.”