Saline solution vaccines in Chiapas

Via: Noticaribe

CHIAPAS, MX.- An alleged doctor accused of having applied at least 300 fake COVID-19 vaccines in the state was arrested in Tapachula, informed the state prosecutor’s office.

Gerardo (N), who donned a medical uniform with the logos of the state Health Secretariat, is probably responsible for crimes in sanitary matters, forgery of seals, forgery of documents in general, usurpation of functions, and improper use of uniforms and insignia, to the detriment of the Health Secretariat of Chiapas and public health, according to the investigation folder of the District Attorney’s Office of the Border Coastal District.

The arrest took place when the accused was in a hotel in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, where he allegedly summoned people with the promise that he would administer them the vaccine.

The prosecutor’s office informed that the alleged doctor was arrested in blatant violation, a plastic bag with empty syringe wrappers, two empty bottles of sodium chloride ( saline solution), COVID-19 vaccination certificate forms, a list of people to whom he applied the “vaccine”, a stamp for the prescriptions and a medical uniform with the logos of the state Ministry of Health were seized.