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The native of Yaxunah, a community 20 minutes away from Valladolid, participates in the Chef’s Table series,  where she will delight everyone with her preparation.

YUCATÁN, (July 06, 2021).- The smile of satisfaction when seeing how her diners enjoy the Cochinita tacos that she prepares says it all. She is Rosalía Chay Chuc, who regularly receives in her home chefs from all over the world who seek her out to get to know Yucatecan food and even to learn how to prepare it with the techniques that his ancestors taught him.

Last year, Rick Bayless, an American specialist in Mexican cuisine, and Reno Redzepi, the co-owner of Noma Restaurant, in Copenhagen, Denmark, arrived at Rosalía’s home, which represented the beginning of a new opportunity to participate in the fifth season from the TV series Chef’s Table. Previously, she had already lived one of these experiences on another Netflix TV show.

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The Chef’s Table series premiered this Wednesday, and Rosalía’s popularity has skyrocketed! In recent hours she has appeared in newspapers and informational web portals across the world, where she stands out, as announced in the series trailer, which cooks as its Maya ancestors did one thousand years ago.

Cochinita pibil al estilo maya: ingredientes y preparación
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Indeed, Rosalía has commented on several occasions that her learning in traditional cooking began by making the tortillas by hand and then preparing the ‘Recado‘ until now, that she has become an authority in the preparation of buried Cochinita Pibil, but also the ‘Relleno Negro’, and the strained tamales that are their weapons to captivate her diners.

Rosalia Chay Chuc: an authentic Mayan culinary experience
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The series, in which Rosalía appears along with two other BBQ specialists, two from the United States and one more from Australia, was recorded at the end of 2019 and has created a stir in the Yucatecan people who are eager to see in action to her countrywoman, taking care of every detail in the preparation of her Cochinita Pibil, which just to see it craves.

Conoce a Rosalía Chay Chuc, la chef yucateca participante de 'Chef's table:  BBQ' en Netflix | Gastrolab
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This will be just a preamble so that on September 15 the broadcast of other gastronomic series will feature more space dedicated to Yucatan, always with the Cochinita Pibil, but now prepared by the magical hands of the Maestra Miriam Peraza Rivero, who in the series “Crónicas del Taco II”, will demonstrate why this dish is a classic of the entire Mexican Southeast and how to prepare it in such a way that it exceeds the expectations of the most demanding diner.

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