Results of the public consultation on the mega pig farms in Yucatan are published

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 25, 2021).- The Maya peoples of San Fernando, Kinchil and Celestún, Yucatán municipalities, accompanied by human rights observers, carried out the consultative phase of the consultation process on mega-pig farms.

The Outrage Organization, said that this exercise was carried out despite the presence of the company, who in public obstructed and delegitimized the consultation, but at the same time operated in different ways through threats, confrontation and even monetary coercion; since different people were heard mentioning that the company was distributing money in exchange for voting in favor of the pig farm.

They claim that this had a significant influence on the climate of tension and on the result of the consultations carried out in San Fernando and Kinchil, in the first with a vote of difference and in the second, in favor of the permanence of the farms.

The results of the consultative phase were: in Celestún, the people spoke out for the refusal to allow the pig farms to continue (1101 “no” and 7 “yes”).

The results in San Fernando, fenced off under threat from the farm, was a “no” to this farm continuing to operate in the town’s territory (59 “no” and 58 “yes”). In Kinchil, in a climate of tension, the result was a “yes” for the factories to continue operating (576 “yes” and 423 “no”).

Source: Reporteros Hoy