Prices increase exponentially at Lucas de Galvez and San Benito markets in Mérida

Mèrida City Council implement new measures in the markets of Mèrida. Photo: (SIPSE)

A kilo of pork is $82, and a kilo of shrimp is $120 pesos.

Mérida, Yucatán (July 20th, 2021).— During a tour of the Lucas de Galvez and San Benito markets in downtown Merida, it was observed that the vendors maintain the constant use of masks and a healthy distance from shoppers and among themselves.

However, just as there are spaces where the healthy distance is something that is easily achieved, in other places, there is some crowding due to the narrow aisles and the number of customers that attend these Mercados regularly.

The suppliers are trying to maintain attractive prices so that the markets continue to have the public’s preference, but although there are a few prices that tend to go down, most of them have registered an exponential increase.

The local Tortillerias offer the kilo at $21 – $23, the price usually varies depending on the size of the tortilla, the cheapest ones are usually smaller (tortilla taquera).

Pork is sold between $82 and $86 pesos per kilo, beef is around $140 and a kilo of chicken is $45.

As for fish and seafood, a kilo of grouper is $140 pesos, the cheapest species is Chachi, which costs $50 a kilo, White Fish fillet is $140 a kilo and normal fish is $120, octopus is $180 a kilo, and shrimp, depending on size, is between $120 and $140 a kilo.

Talking about vegetables, white onion is on average $15 per kilo, salad tomato also varies from one stand to another, the quality and size make the difference, there are points where it sells for $18 and others where it reaches $23 pesos per kilo.

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