One dead and over a hundred reported missing during demonstrations in Cuba

(Reuters) One man has died in Cuba and more than 140 have been arrested or reported as missing during rare demonstrations against its Communist government.

Diubis Laurencio Tejeda, 36, died in a suburb of Havana on Monday during a clash between protesters and police.

Cuba’s interior ministry did not say what the cause of death was but alleged he was part of a group that attacked a government facility.

However, witnesses said security forces had attacked the protesters.

‘The Communists have lost control’

State media said Tejeda had been involved in “disturbances” in the La Güinera neighborhood of Havana on Monday, where a group allegedly attacked a government facility.

It reported that several others had been injured, including members of the security forces.

In a statement on Tuesday, the interior ministry accused demonstrators of vandalism, setting fires, and attacking police and civilians.

But witnesses have said the security forces attacked peaceful protesters who joined a spontaneous demonstration in the neighborhood.

Waldo Herrera, who lives in the area, told Reuters news agency officers had drawn their guns and started shooting at the demonstrators.

“I think the Communists have lost control, they won’t have a solution to this situation,” he said.

Source: Reuters