Official COVID data in Yucatán do not coincide with other sources

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 05, 2021).- Again, the State government records on the indicators of the pandemic in the State Epidemiological Traffic Light do not coincide with data from other sources.

On the first day of July, the state authorities reported in their daily technical report that “the percentage of occupation in total Intensive Care (Covid + No Covid) was 50.4 percent.” However, in the monitoring of the Information System of the IRAG Network, the occupancy percentage of the Intensive Care Units in Yucatán (state cut) is 81.4 percent.

In fact, Yucatán is the second state in the country with the highest occupancy of its Intensive Care Units; Colima appears in the first place, with 100%, and both states appear in red.

Colima and Yucatán appear in red in bed occupancy in Intensive Care Units, according to the IRAG Network Information System. Sonora is in fourth place, with an occupation of 45.4% in Intensive Care, followed by Tamaulipas (40.6%), Tabasco (34.4%), Quintana Roo (33.3%), Hidalgo (33.3%), Sinaloa (29.7%) and Nuevo León (28.6%).

Yucatán is also the state with the second-highest occupancy of beds with a respirator, although in this area the indicator appears in yellow.

With 58%, Baja California Sur tops the list; Yucatán has a record of 51.7% in the occupancy of beds with a fan, also according to the Information System of the IRAG Network. All other entities in the country appear in green.

Only two entities appear in yellow in the occupancy levels of beds with a fan: Baja California Sur and Yucatán

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