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“No matter what, I will continue saying hugs, not bullets”, AMLO insists on failed security strategy

by Yucatan Times
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AMLO spoke about the Aguililla case and criticized those who question him: “I am not Peña Nieto or Calderón, I am not in favor of shooting people.”

MÉXICO, (July 06, 2021).- In the context of the upsurge in violence at the hands of drug trafficking in Aguililla, Michoacán, President López Obrador was emphatic that he will not reverse his strategy of putting the Army and the National Guard in front, but not in a violent response, advocating for dialogue.

In that vein, he expressed this Tuesday morning, in his conference at the National Palace. : “I do not agree with the violent way. And although they make fun of my strategy, I have a fundamental reason to insist, I will continue hugs, not bullets.” He insisted that “fire cannot be put out with fire and his commitment is to dialogue, which is why he announced that he opened a table for this purpose in the region.

In this way, López Obrador established his position in the presence of the drug trafficking criminal groups, who took over that region since April and for which the National Guard and the Army were deployed. However, the situation of violence has escalated and maintains its population in high tension due to the clashes between the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel and the security forces, in addition to the fact that the population has suffered blackouts and isolation due to the actions of this criminal group who has cut off road accesses, as well as power cuts, according to the complaints of the population. This scenario has already provoked complaints to the Federal Government about its strategy.

Despite these claims, the President is emphatic in not backing down and called on the population to help pacify the region. “That we do not take the path of violence, of confrontation, that we put aside hatred, resentment, that we put into practice the principle of love for our neighbor, that we do not harm ourselves. No to violence, yes to peace, to dialogue, ” he launched. And in that line, he explained that he does not want human losses, from any sector. 

He also asked the population not to be “manipulated” by this criminal group. “Although they appear to be good and distribute aid packages, or another type of help, they are only using the people. We are in the best position to help the entire population but do not choose, do not decide to want to resolve things with violence. The President of Mexico requests them.

He affirmed that he will not leave the population unprotected, for which he warned that the Army and the National Guard will continue, “because if not, it becomes the land of no one or of whoever imposes itself through violence and subdues. The state’s function is to guarantee peace and tranquility. We are not going to leave them to the self-defense groups. Not that. That was a serious mistake. That is no longer accepted and we are looking for dialogue, ” he said.

And it is that he stressed that this strategy is what differentiates it from those taken in past six-year terms. “I am not Peña or Felipe Calderón, I am not a supporter of killing them hot. I am not a supporter of massacres, torture, the criminal association that occurred between crime and authorities. We are different. We live under siege because it is a season of scoundrels, buzzard season of those who would like us to fail, but no, ” he added. 

Source: La Politica Online

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