Morena will elect its candidate in 2024 with a survey, said its national leader Mario Delgado

Mario Delgado said that Morena has been successful because his candidates are chosen by the people. Photo: (Sipse)

MEXICO CITY, (July 14, 2021).- After the revelation made by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard towards the Presidency in 2024, the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, warned that this political party will choose its candidate through the survey method so that it is “the people “who decides.

Delgado said that Morena has been successful because its candidates are chosen by the people through the polls they carry out.

“The polls, without a doubt, are the most important democratic instrument in our movement, given that Morena’s strength is in the people, in the organized people, and making use of these polls is the only way we have to continue as an instrument of the people of Mexico, ” said Mario Delgado.

He also warned that Morena is not fighting for positions or privileges, but for the transformation project and to regenerate the public life of the country, so it will continue to be the people who decide who the candidates are.

Source: Sipse