México Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion for rape

Photo: (Meridiano)

MÉXICO, (July 08, 2021).- The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) decided unanimously and through a remote session to decriminalize abortion in case of rape.

The Mexican Supreme Court (SCJN) emphasized that this will be applicable if the pregnancy is terminated during the first 90 days of gestation.

This was due to the resolution of an injunction filed by the legal representatives of a minor, in Chiapas, with cerebral palsy and who was a victim of rape.

The minor was denied an abortion in October 2018 at the Tapachula General Hospital.

Finally, the minor was performed the abortion, however, the initial refusal was reason enough to promote the injunction trial that reached the highest court in the country.

In addition, the SCJN ordered various measures for reparation and compensation for moral damage to the victim, these measures will be defined by the Executive Council for Attention to Victims.