Mexican Army have carried out operations against the ‘huachicoleros’ in Yucatan

Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

YUCATAN, (July 20, 2021).- In recent years there has been a strong fight against the “huachicoleo” in Yucatan, achieving the seizure of fuel and the closure of irregular sites, although unfortunate events have also occurred.

On September 26 of last year, during the closure of a clandestine fuel intake in Progreso, the authorities located the body of a person.

The discovery occurred within the premises of Calle 84 by 31, where, thanks to a citizen complaint derived from a strong smell of gasoline, a clandestine intake was found on a pipeline that crosses the entire Progreso area from north to south.

Personnel in charge of closing the pipeline began with the excavations to locate the main pipeline that passes through the middle of 84th Street and that is how they found the body of a person who could have been involved in such criminal acts.

The area was sheltered. After the body was lifted, the closure works were resumed at 100 percent of the intake, and the main pipeline was cleaned up to avoid risks to the population of the area due to the volatility of the product.

In April 2020, a property was searched on 84th Street between 25 and 27 in the same port, after it was reported that there was a clandestine fuel intake.

In addition, on November 3 of last year, in a property located at kilometer 148 of the Mérida-Campeche highway, the Army and the Navy seized about 45 containers, with about 36 thousand liters of fuel extracted clandestinely.

In the operation against the “huachicoleo”, in which the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) also participated, pumps and hoses were also secured without locating any clandestine outlet. There were no detainees.

In July 2018 another fatal event was recorded, the explosion in a Pemex pipeline in Mérida-Progreso, when an alleged group of “huachicoleros” were extracting fuel. illegally The incident left one fatality, due to the fact that he received the flare directly when he punctured the pipe.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom