Members of the National Guard overturn on the Mérida-Campeche highway

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 17, 2021).- Five National Guard agents were injured when the car in which they were traveling overturned, on the Mérida-Campeche highway.

The accident occurred near the Kopomá junction, where a tire exploded on the Chevrolet Spark compact car in which the GN officers were traveling, all of them originally from Campeche.

When the tire burst, the 20-year-old M.J.C.P. driver lost control and went off the road, penetrating three meters into the undergrowth, where it was overturned on one of his sides.

Photo: (Yucatán Ahora)

Four other members of the National Guard were traveling in the car: a man and three women, who were on their day off.

The incident resulted in minor injuries and none of the passengers required transportation to the hospital.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom