Maya Train would eliminate AMLO’s Sembrando Vida project in Kimbilá, Yucatan

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Kimbilá, Yucatan.- Ejidatarios participating in the Sembrando Vida program expressed their fear of being evicted from the land they have been working on for three years, due to the fact that it is located along the route of the Tren Maya.

On June 24, the Ejidatarios of Kimbilá signed an agreement authorizing the prior occupation of 14.5 hectares of ejido land for the Maya Train project.

This agreement was signed despite the opposition of a minority group who were against the project for not providing sufficient information to analyze the environmental impact it will have on the region.

Today, farmers participating in the Sembrando Vida program in the Kimbilá ejido are protesting before the facilitator, Porfirio Roberto Cauich Sánchez, demanding him to take note of the problem, since those responsible for the Tren Maya project had notified them that they would have to leave the land they have been working on for the last three years.

This is contrary to the guidelines of the Sembrando Vida program, which seeks to reforest the ejido’s lands and at the same time establish areas cultivated with timber and fruit trees for the self-sustainability of the local families participating in this program.