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Make the best authentic Tlayudas Oaxaca Style (Video recipe)

by Yucatan Times
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July 24, 2021.

What is the difference between Tlayudas Oaxaca and Tlayudas Oaxaqueñas?

Tlayudas are one of the most iconic foods from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Tlayudas Oaxaqueñas are a simple street food that you’ll find at markets, restaurants, and local eateries.

You’ll sometimes find tlayudas referred to as Mexican style pizza or Oaxaca Style Pizza. This is because they are served on a large crispy corn tortilla and sometimes served open-faced, resembling a pizza.

What Are Tlayudas Made Of?

Lady handling Tlayudas Oaxaquena for Tlayuda Recipe by Authentic Food Quest
Vendor at the local market counting her tlayudas. Photo: (authenticfoodquest)

Authentic tlayudas Oaxaqueñas consist of a large flat crispy tortilla smeared with refried black beans cooked with asiento or pork lard.  

On top of the black beans is a layer of Oaxaca cheese or quesillo, which is white string cheese similar to mozzarella. The tlayuda is then topped with meat.

You can make your tlayudas more interesting with the addition of shredded cabbage, tomatoes, avocados, and your choice of meat.

Typical meat options are usually beef (tasajo or arrachera), pork (cecina), pork rib (costilla), Mexican sausages (chorizo); or chicken (tinga). 

For a local treat, you can choose chapulines, or grasshoppers which are an Oaxaca specialty.

Tlayudas Oaxaca are typically eaten in the evening with street stands and restaurants selling them from 7:00 pm into the wee hours of the morning.

Rosemary Loving Tlayudas Oaxaquenas by AuthenticFoodQuest
Rosemary loving tlayudas in Oaxac. Photo: (authenticfoodquest)

This tlayudas recipe is for an iconic Oaxaca street food that is easy to make at home. It is sometimes called Mexican pizza or Oaxaca style pizza and generally consists of four ingredients. Start with a crispy corn tortilla, cover it with refried black beans, add quesillo or Oaxaca cheese and top it off with strips of meat. Try this delightful tlayudas Oaxaca recipe today.

Source: Authentic food quest

The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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