Maintenance is urgent in Campeche oil facilities: CMIC

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Campeche, Camp., (July 07, 2021).- “Given the lack of maintenance to the oil facilities, both on land and in the Campeche probe, there is a latent danger that accidents may occur that could become fatal,” said Teodoro Pérez Chan, president of the Mexican Chamber of Industry of Construction (CMIC). The manager stated that it is urgent that, for this purpose, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) provides small contracts to local companies.

Pérez Chan pointed out that since the last federal administration they began to carry out macro contracts, which hurts medium and small companies that have the experience and qualified personnel to carry out maintenance, but lack sufficient resources.

Very large contracts

He indicated that the maintenance contracts that have been released are granted to large companies, since they are very large, due to very high net worth, which medium and small local companies cannot cover.

“For this reason, Pemex delivers these contracts to large companies, which are foreign, not local, that bring personnel from outside and do not hire small companies, and if they do, they do not pay them, under the argument that the national oil company owes them, so as small companies we prefer not to work for them,” Perez Chan said.

He described the situation as urgent, the maintenance of the oil facilities is essential, both on the probe and on the ground, in order to avoid more accidents, such as the gas leak that occurred recently.

“We propose that maintenance contracts be diversified since previously they were made for 10, 12 and up to 15 million pesos so that small companies that directly executed the works and maintained the platforms could participate, but currently this maintenance has been stopped and there is an urgent need for Pemex to keep their facilities in good conditions, because it does not take long for accidents and even fatal consequences to occur ”, Perez Chan concluded.

Souce: La Jornada Maya

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