Learn how to prepare ‘Kaaxil sikil’, a healthy 100% Yucatecan dish (video recipe)

his is the Kaaxil sikil or Chicken Nugget. Photo: (Sipse)

This is one of the 5 finalist dishes in the contest “What does the homeland taste like?” (¿A qué sabe la Patria?)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 21, 2021).- On June 4th, the kitchen of the “Miguel Alemán” house of the “Los Pinos” Cultural Complex in Mexico City, was opened to receive chefs and cooks from all over the country, including the traditional cook from Chichimilá municipality, Addi María Ay Che, who was one of the five finalists in the contest What does the homeland taste like?

The traditional cook from Chichimilá, Addi María Ay Che. (Photo: social networks)

In the house of “Los Pinos”, the ten finalist recipes were recreated, so the jury tasted the dishes and deliberated to choose the winners.

Five finalist recipes

The five finalist recipes were ‘Tlatonile de Colorines’ from Guerrero State; ‘Mole de Calpan’ from Puebla; ‘Xincoyote stuffed with escamoles (worms) and palm flower in corn husk’ from Hidalgo; ‘Butler lunch or invitation’ from Oaxaca and the ‘Kaaxil sikil’  of the Puc Ay family from Chichimilá, Yucatán.

Doña Addi’s family, the Puc Ay family from Chichimilá, proudly represented Yucatán in the competition for first place during the final of the gastronomic contest and after the award ceremony, the valuable recipe has been made known to the public.

Traditional recipe 100% Yucatecan

Doña Addi was nominated with the dish ‘sikil Kaaxil’ or ‘Chicken nugget’, which is made with pumpkin seed. Said seed is ground by hand fresh from the stove and then squeezed to extract its oil and form meatballs.

The valuable recipe has been released to the public. (Photo: (Sipse)

Subsequently, the meatballs are incorporated into a broth seasoned with that obtained fat and other ingredients. In this task, several members of the family participate.

If you want to know first-hand how to make this delicious dish, then we present Doña Addi’s recipe :

Source: Sipse

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