Kidney stones? Expel them using the Yucatecan Chintok natural remedy

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Mérida, Yucatán, (July 17, 2021) .- We know in the Yucatan peninsula that the only source of vital element (water) comes from the subsoil. That means that even if we have good water purification methods, it will have a certain content of calcium carbonate that causes kidney stones.

The Chintok, known by the Maya as Rompe Piedras or stone mallet, serves to pulverize and expel the stones safely and without risk, since it is eliminated in the form of sand and not in pieces as with other remedies.

In towns around the state, it is customary to drink it in the form of tea and with a straw, but this can cause that if some of the tea touches our teeth it can affect the enamel and damage the teeth. For that reason, it is recommended to consume it as capsules, in fact, 2 should be taken before each meal to accelerate the fading and the less painful expulsion of the stones and pass it like grit through the urine.

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The “stone breaker” or “Chintok”, as it is known in some countries, is a wild herb that has been used for hundreds of years in different civilizations for its medicinal properties. Studies demonstrate that it can dissolve or eliminate both kidney and bladder stones.

Since the kidneys are responsible for helping the body eliminate toxins and knowing that if they do not work well we could collapse, we must always be aware that they are in optimal condition.

We should drink about 8 glasses of water daily and avoid foods rich in oxalate. Its scientific name is Krugiodendron ferreum (Vahl) Urb. And in Spanish, some people know it as “Hacha Bancarrota”. It is distributed throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. 

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