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In the community of Dzununcán, a Recycling Mega Green Point was inaugurated

by Yucatan Times
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YUCATAN, (July 27, 2021) .- Mayor Renán Barrera Concha supervised on Monday, July 26th, the installation of the Mega Green Point Tetra Pak that was placed in the community of Dzununcán, a few meters from the municipal government building, so people can deposit different varieties of waste and recycling material.

This environmental initiative becomes relevant by bringing this program to this area of ​​the Cuxtal Ecological Reserve, which is part of the “Zero Waste” strategy, focused on promoting the culture of separation, recycling, and the correct disposal of household waste.

“We are the only municipality within Yucatán that according to this situation has a protected natural area under municipal jurisdiction, we’re talking about a 28-year-old natural reserve (Cuxtal), and it is also our responsibility to protect, care for and promote it”, he said.

This space protected by the City Council contributes almost 50% of the total extraction of the vital liquid for the city and the communities, from here the Mérida I plant is located, in the heart of this natural area.

“In it, nine rural towns or communities are concentrated: Molas, Dzununcán, Santa Cruz Palomeque, Xmatkuil, Tahdzibichén, San Ignacio Tesip, Hunxectamán, Dzoyaxché, and San Ignacio Tesip, whose inhabitants have become the main promoters and protectors of the 11 thousand hectares that are equivalent to 12.7% of the surface of the municipality”, he added.

With the start-up of this Mega Green Point, we also seek to avoid soil and water contamination with proper waste disposal. At the same time, we integrate the circular economy model with the use of waste and responsible production, he said.

These premises have led our city of Mérida to be a leader in the field of protection and care for the environment and the procuring of climate change that has positioned it at the international level, without neglecting its future as an inclusive city of course, of environmental sustainability, he stated.

Finally, Barrera Concha called on the residents of the reserve and those who come to visit it with their families to help take care of it, to use this space that promotes the culture of separation, recycling, and the correct disposal of waste.

The activity was attended by Alejandro Riego Martínez, regional coordinator of Tetra Pak; Juan Dzul Celis, commissioner of Dzununcán; and Eugenia Correa Arce, director of the Sustainable Development Unit.

Also the biologist Sandra García Peregrina, director of the Decentralized Municipal Public Organization for Operation and Administration of the area subject to the Cuxtal Reserve Ecological Conservation.

At the conclusion of the protocol act, the first mayor deposited cardboard and plastic waste in the boxes in which aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard, metal, and plastics can also be placed.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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