How to protect your home from rain and humidity

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The rainy season is already here and that is why we need to protect our house from water and humidity.

July 13, 2021.- Our house must always be prepared for the rainy season, that is why in our post today we bring this list of tips that will prevent water and humidity do their thing. Follow each tip and you will have your home protected in the best way and thus you will avoid possible repairs that could affect your pocket.

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  • Before leaving, make sure you close all windows properly. Water will not enter the rooms with all windows closed.
  • Place a mop behind the door, you will avoid puds underneath and your house will be maintained even drier.
  • Flip buckets and tubs that can fill with water; don’t help the proliferation of mosquitoes that spread deseases such as Dengue, Zica and Chikungunya.
  • Use plants that absorb the water from the air, such as palms and lilies; your interiors will be decorated and shielded against humidity.
  • Pay special attention to delicate furniture; move everything that can be damaged to a second floor or higher spaces.
  • Constantly mop the floors to prevent people from slipping and getting hurt.
  • In stormy weather, have a case of basic items such as medicines, first aid supplies, flashlight, extra batteries and emergency phones.
Constantly mop the floors to prevent slips and falls so no one will get hurt. Photo: (Shutterstock)


  • Keep the roof of your house clean and insulated, waterproof and if possible clean the deep drains to prevent seepage from top to bottom.
  • Detect areas with humidity and seal cracks to prevent them from growing. Further, remove fungi and protect your walls sporadically.
  • Prepare a special place in the house with light fuses, candles, matches, flashlights and lanterns in the event of a power outage.
  • Always check that the electrical installation is working in the best way and try not to resort to using the stove or candles excessively to illuminate the house.
  • Pay special attention to those areas that are below street level, since they are the most prone to flooding.
Clean drains thoroughly to prevent top-to-bottom seepage. Photo: (Shutterstock)
Detect areas with humidity and seal cracks to prevent them from growing. Photo: (Shutterstock)

These are just a few tips that will be of great help to you at this time of year. You know your home better than anyone, so pay special attention to the most delicate spaces and constantly check that water is not entering and causing unnecessary havoc in your home.

If you are going to be outside, close doors and windows. Remember to have lights off and electrical connections protected; you will notice a considerable difference and the rain will not have any great effect on your house.

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