“Frida, immersive experience” the new exhibition in honor of the Mexican painter that you cannot miss!

One of the works on display. Photo: (Special)

The offer includes video screenings, original music and narrations by Frida Kahlo

MÉXICO CITY, (July 13, 2021).- “El Frontón México” in México City received the work of Frida Kahlo, but now with a twist that tests all the senses, a proposal for lovers of the artist and technology.

“Frida Experience Immersive ” arrives within the framework of the 114th anniversary of the birth of the Mexican artist, it is composed of 26 works that are exhibited on the walls of the place, where it seems that each painting has life.

The offer also includes video projections, original music, and narrations by Frida Kahlo that make people know even more about the life, inspiration, and technique of the painter.

Works such as: “Broken column”, “I remember”, “Me and my parrots”, “Girl with death mask”, ” The two Fridas” , self-portraits of the famous and some pictures where her sentimental partner Diego Rivera appears.

Another aspects that can be appreciated in the exhibition are the textures and permeable walls that allow spaces to be discovered, since the exhibition has a non-fixed structure and visitors can go in the order and direction they want, there are no rules.

It also has an application that explains every detail, as it should be noted that the work is designed for people of all ages, the duration of the tour is between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the visitor’s choice.

Frida Kahlo

She is one of the best-known artists in Mexico, she was born in Coyoacán, she conquered Mexicans and the whole world with her work, where she always expressed her feelings, but also with her way of life.

Despite the years, Frida is known by all generations, her recognition has grown and the inspiration generated by her art can be found anywhere on the planet, she has become a pop culture icon worldwide.

Source: El Heraldo de México

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