Foreign resident found dead inside his home in Chelem, Yucatán

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

YUCATÁN, (JULY 14, 2021).- A foreign resident was found dead on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 13th, inside his house located between Chelem and Chuburná Puerto.

According to the report, the deceased is a male, about a 55-year-old, from Finland, identified as D.P.

The discovery was made in a property located near the Mau Mau entrance, where a domestic employee arrived on Tuesday afternoon and discovered the owner dead.

The corpse, which was already in a state of decomposition, was partially lying on the bed.

The last time the employee saw the man was on Thursday, July 8th.

Experts from the Forensics Service (Servicio Médico Forense: SEMEFO) arrived on the scene to conduct the proper investigation, and the body was taken to the SEMEFO facilities.