First virtual festival dedicated to cats and their caretakers in Yucatan to take place August 7

close up photography of sleeping tabby cat
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The virtual event will be held on Saturday, August 7

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN.- Skoon Fest was announced today, the first virtual festival dedicated to cats, kittens, and their caregivers, which will discuss the best techniques to guide the behavior of feline pets and exposes cases of behaviors that are not good for them, as well as conferences and talks on the rescue of these animals.

The virtual event will be held on Saturday, August 7 from 10:00 to 15:30 hours, one day before celebrating International Cat Day.

The organizers of Skoon Fest announced that there will be experts on the subject so that cat pet owners can learn more about them, deepen their knowledge and solve any doubts.

Some of the topics that will be discussed have to do with responsible adoption and the importance of the litter box in the life of cats, in addition to care, innovations, and activities to do with cats.

Also, projects related to the cat segment will be presented, for example, boutiques where clothes and toys for cats are designed and are currently in high demand.

On the other hand, a conference will present the people who opened the first Cat Café in Mexico and Latin America and who will talk about their experience in this project.

They will also discuss issues related to shelters for homeless cats in order to give them a better chance in life.

As it is a virtual event, people from all over Mexico are invited, especially those who are cat owners or who are dedicated to their care and rescue.

“Just watching my cats can make me happy.” – Paula Cole.

Registration for access to Skoon Fest is still open Here.