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Fear for the appearance of the Black Widow spider in Peto, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Peto, Yucatan, (July 29, 2021).- The appearance of the black widow spider in a house in Yucatán has caused fear in Yucatecan society.

The events took place in a house located on Calle 45 between 22 and 24 of the Francisco Sarabia neighborhood, in the municipality of Peto, Yucatán.

According to those affected, the spider was found in the living room of the house and as soon as they saw it, it was exterminated, however, the health authorities were notified to do something about it.

Community fear for the black widow

Fear in Yucatan for the appearance of the black widow
They find a black widow in a house in Yucatán. Photo: (La Verdad)

Fearing that more specimens of this spider will be found in the house again, those affected took the specimen to the health center to report what happened and ask the authorities to fumigate the house and its surroundings, since in the house where it appeared there are children and their parents fear they could be bitten by a Black Widow Spider.

It is worth mentioning that it has been approximately two years since the first case was registered within the town of Peto.

Fear in Yucatan for the appearance of the black widow
Authorities seek to prevent the spider from reaching urban areas. Photo: (La Verdad)

The residents had been alert to the presence of this arachnid since in recent days this type of specimen was detected at a property near the exit of the town.

For their part, the authorities were taking precautions to prevent the specimens from reaching urban areas.

Local authorities sought to prevent spiders from reaching the population because they considered that it would be difficult to control the proliferation of this species, since for each cocoon of spider eggs, up to 300 specimens can sprout.

It is worth mentioning that the presence of the black widow has been registered in other municipalities, such as Tzucacab, Tahdziú, and now in Peto, so the authorities already have the antidote in case of a bite.

Source: La Verdad

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